Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back to School

College is very significant to one's life. In my college, I learned lots of knowledge not only from books but also from people around me. I shared my happiness and sarrow with my dearest roommates. They are all kind and lovely. We used to hanging out for a good lunch or beautiful clothes. Now, we all have graduated for about 6 years and some of them already get married or even have had a cute baby.
When I first come to my school, it is really very new. We are the first group of students for the campus. Near the student appartement, I could see piles of soil caused by construction. We do not have a library, so we study in our classroom or dormitory. There is no green trees or flowers in campus except some plants that are newly planted. 
Last weekend, my friends invited me to pay a visit to our school as the flowers in campus are blooming. I agreed. It's really a good idea to go back to school. All is beautiful. My friends and I have a walk around the campus. We drank some tea in a pizza shop whose decorations are cozy and artistic. On the lawn near the library, two freshmen girls took lots of pictures for us. I was really happy. 

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