Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Tour to Flower Market

Yesterday, my friend and I wanted to buy some flowers to decorate our house, so we went to the nearby flower market. That was my first time to pay a visit to flower market and it was totally out of my expectation. I used to think that flower market will be a large place allowing us to see flowers, grass, small trees everywhere. However, it turned out to be an open hall outside a group of stores. Every flower grower had a piece of ground to lay their plants. I guess you may think that I do not like the flower market. Well, that's not true. Actually, I like it. Of course, I will like it more if it can be better. Below are some photos I shot yesterday, hoping you will like it.

Flower Market 1

Flower Market 2

Flower Market 3

Flower Market 4

Flower Market 5

Flower Market 6

Flower Market 7

Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Style with Denim Bottoms

Denim bottoms such as denim skirts, denim shorts, jeans are very timeless fashion. Almost all people have at least one denim item in their closet. To me, the popularity of denim bottoms to a large degree can be attributed to its versatility. These denim bottoms can go well with many different fashion items ranging from tops, bags, shoes to jewelry. In the following, I would like to share with you how to style with denim bottoms. Of course, if you are also interested in fashion and style, you are welcomed to share opinions with me. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back to School

College is very significant to one's life. In my college, I learned lots of knowledge not only from books but also from people around me. I shared my happiness and sarrow with my dearest roommates. They are all kind and lovely. We used to hanging out for a good lunch or beautiful clothes. Now, we all have graduated for about 6 years and some of them already get married or even have had a cute baby.
When I first come to my school, it is really very new. We are the first group of students for the campus. Near the student appartement, I could see piles of soil caused by construction. We do not have a library, so we study in our classroom or dormitory. There is no green trees or flowers in campus except some plants that are newly planted. 
Last weekend, my friends invited me to pay a visit to our school as the flowers in campus are blooming. I agreed. It's really a good idea to go back to school. All is beautiful. My friends and I have a walk around the campus. We drank some tea in a pizza shop whose decorations are cozy and artistic. On the lawn near the library, two freshmen girls took lots of pictures for us. I was really happy. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Blue Coat - Welcome Spring

Spring is coming, especially after the Lunar New Year. The whether becomes warmer and girls' outfits become colorful. On the streets, I can see lovely girls wearing bright clothes, such as yellow coat, red dress, floral dress and so on. All these changes make me very happy and want to celebrate it. Therefore, I add a light blue coat to my spring wardrobe.
I like spring. In this season, I can appreciate the green trees and beautiful flowers. The most important thing is that I can take more outdoor activities, such as running, visiting my friends, playing badminton. Spring is such a wonderful season that I cannot help to planning how to spend it more meaningfully and happily.
Hey, guys, what's the season now in your country? Do you like it? Have you already planned how to spend it?