Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Long Black Blazer Coat & Tidestore Sweater Dress

I want to make a change now, so I bought a long black blazer coat from a boutique store named Happy. Its clothes are all very beautiful and attractive. I live near there, so I often visit the store to see whether there are new arrivals. This long black blazer coat is what I fall in love at first sight. I tried it on and it fits me perfectly. Now, I'm wearing it with a sweater dress  I bought from an online supplier named Tidestore

Long Black Blazer Coat 1

Long Black Blazer Coat 2

Long Black Blazer Coat 3

Tidestore Sweater Dress

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hand-Made Cookies

Staying together with my family and making something by ourselves can be a very pleasant thing. On October, I went to Shanghai to see my brother and parents. During that period of time, I felt quite relaxed and happy within. My brother had a girl baby who is about 4 months old. She looks pretty and lovely. Every time I saw her, she smiled at me. What a lovely baby and how much I love her. 

On the next three days, my parents cooked lots of delicious food which are my favorites. Also, we made a spicy hot pot with fresh beef, fresh mutton and vegetables. All families sat around a big table and ate our favorite meat and vegetables. It was really wonderful.

The most interesting thing must be making cookies ourselves. My brother and sister-in-law had bought an electric oven, button, wheat flour from the internet. They cooperated harmoniously during the whole process. Although this happy time is short and now I'm back to my work, I cherish it very much. 

Meat and Vegetables for Spicy Hot Pot 1

Meat and Vegetables for Spicy Hot Pot 2

Process for Hand-Made Cookies 1

Process for Hand-Made Cookies 2

Process for Hand-Made Cookies 3

Process for Hand-Made Cookies 4

Process for Hand-Made Cookies 5

Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Shoulder Bag

Bags are among the most important fashion items for women. Any woman will have more than one bag to go with her different outfits. My friend has bought a simple yet chic black shoulder bag from the internet, which arrives today, three days later after her order. It turns out this shoulder bag is quite worth the price. It's timeless black color and chic design allow her to wear it with any of her outfits. I guess now it's her favorite bag.

Black Shoulder Bag 1

Black Shoulder Bag 2

Black Shoulder Bag 3

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cosmetics Bought on November 11 - MEIFUBAO

If you are familiar with China or its news of E-commerce, you will know the hottest online sales on November 11. It is the most popular big sales in China. On that day, a large number of online suppliers sell their products at half price. This year, I joined this big sale and bought a whole set of cosmetics from a well-known company named MEIFUBAO. I received it after 5 days and I was quite satisfied with the delivery as I know it is the busiest season for shipping department.

When I opened the package, a big surprise is waiting for me. They sent me lots of gifts including hand lotion and facial masks. In the past week,  I used my cosmetics, it was really great. My skin feels more smooth and  tender. I really thank this company. 

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 1

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 2

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 3

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ericdress Wishlist - Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is near the corner now. It is the big feast for shopaholics, so if you are fond of shopping or have many things to shop, then cheer up and enjoy this big sale throughout the whole year now. During Black Friday sales, many online store provides huge discounts and adorable coupons to thank regular customers and attract new customers.

Recently, I find a very good online store name Ericdress. It now already launches its Black Friday sales, and this sales will last for a month. This is a big chance to buy favorite things and save money and if you want to know more about them, you can click the link:

Ericdress Black Friday Sales 1
Ericdress Black Friday Sales 2

My Wishlist

Casual Plus Size Dress

OL Style Dress