Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gift Ideas for Christmas & New Year - Merry July Store on Aliexpress

Dear customer,
Christmas and New Year is near, are you planing to shop some gifts for your families or friends, or you may want to treat yourself with some fashion items? If so, here comes our tips for your shopping.

1. Time issue: do make sure your gifts can arrive at you, your families or your friends before Christmas or New Year (most important)
If you want to shop a gift for Christmas or new year, please pay attention to delivery time which is varied among different countries. You can check it on Aliexpress help center, the product details page or ask the seller.

2. Gift itself: decide what kind of gifts you should purchase (most difficult)
If you want to buy some gifts for your families or friends, you'd better know clearly about their hobbies or preference. Off course, your financial status should also be considered. No matter your gift is low cost or high cost, it shows your care and love to the receiver.

3.Prepare a backup plan: have 2 or 3 gift ideas in case that you cannot find a perfect gift at moment (most necessary)
Do not put all the eggs in one basket.  As the delivery time is affected by many factors, such as weather, you need to have a backup plan. Whether you DIY a gift or shop gift from local stores, do make sure that you can hand a gift to your beloved.

4. Handbag as a gift: one fashion and practical gift (most recommend)
Handbag is one essential items for women, and if you are planing to send a gift to your wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend or female friends, handbags are absolutely a good choice.  Below are some of our high quality fashion  bags suitable for gift giving. Welcome to our store to view more details. By the way, we offer beneficial coupons ($1 off any order, $2 off order over $19), do not forget to use them to save more.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Leather Boston Handbag for Women Fall/Winter 2017

Recently I fell in love with one style of bag. That is Boston bag. To be honest, I like to carry stereotyped bags, but now I want to try some soft leather bags which is lighter than stereotyped bags. Therefore today, I would like to share with you what I found on

This bag is kind of stereotyped Boston bag which has a chic look with beautiful color. I like the fake flap design and lovely tassel pendant. The side pockets are also good. It is good to carry on appointments, dates and even good for work. 

Haha, here comes the soft Boston bag. First of all, it is large and it delights me since it can hold all my life necessities, such as my long wallet, glasses box, cosmetics, mirror, iPad. If it rains, it also can hold my umbrella. Anyway, I do not buy a bag only for its look. I also take its function into consideration as I always stick to one bag and do not want to change it too often. You know it has nothing about financial issue. It is all about personal preference. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What Bag to Wear in Autumn 2017

Handbags are definitely one must-have accessories for women, especially when cell phone with large screen appears. Some funny talking said that nowadays you can forget to take all things except your cell phone. Although this is a funny talking, it is true. Therefore, when we decide what kind of bag to take, we may take our phone size into consideration. Today, I would like to share with you some fashion and lightweight bag to use in Autumn 2017.

Small Crossbody Bag
All the bags listed above are suitable for using in early autumn to match with your casual sweatshirt, hoodies, jeans, long sleeve dresses. They are fashion, lightweight and small. They can be used on different occasions. 

Medium Handbags

The bags listed above are all suitable to be used for middle autumn when you wear a little more clothes. They all have functional interior design to hold your things neat and safe. Also, they can be used on different occasions to complete your daily or business outfits.

Large Casual Totes

The bags listed above are has a large size and they are suitable for those who like or have to take lots of necessities when going out, such as mother and housewife. They are all functional and fashion. They can not only help to hold your things but also add fashion to your look. 

All the bags here are come from an online store named Merry July Bag Store on Welcome to visit there store to view more fashion bags. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Merry Store #1

Merry Store #1

Autumn Wishlist - Elegant but Practical Bags for Women

Autumn is already come, which means it’s time to change bags. Usually, we will take chic small bags in summer to match with our summer clothes, but in autumn we’re tend to take some medium bags instead. To me, this is always very true. This autumn, I want to stick to casual bags I used to like best. Why say so? Read on!

Before pregnant, I liked to carry casual large or medium bags since they can hold all my life necessities, such as cell phone, long wallet, sunglasses, cosmetics, earphone, iPad, etc. While, when I was pregnant, my body became heavier day by day and it’s really tired to carry such bag with so many things; therefore, I bought a small canvas tote which can only hold my cell phone, money, a small bag of tissue paper, a bus card and other credit cards. To tell you the truth, it was really lighter and makes me feel better. However, this small bag did cause trouble to me. For example, it could not hold my long wallet or umbrella. My money was just in a mess and it was inconvenient to take an umbrella with me in rainy days.

Now, my baby is already one year old, and I can carry large or medium bags again. Actually, practical and large bag is a need for me now since I have to take some baby things when going outside, such as feeding bottle, drink bottle, milk powder, baby wet tissue and so on.

These days, I have surfed online and found a store which mainly sells practical large or medium bags for women. I want to try one, but it is a new store named Merry July. Well, ok, it doesn't matter since I trust The most important thing is that I do not know which one to choose. They are all very suitable for me, but I just want to buy one. Dear readers, if you say my blog, please help me to choose one, thank you.

Monday, July 31, 2017

4 Must-Have Bags for Back to School

Now it's already August and back to school days are near. I guess you may prepare some necessities for it. There's no doubt that you will be in need of some bags, especially backpacks. Then, how to get a fashionable and practical backpack?

Indeed, there are lots of different backpacks on the market, but it is not an easy work to make a fashion statement with backpack. In my opinion, less is more. A really simple backpack sometimes may work. To tell you a truth, I like simple things. It reveals a good fashion taste and high quality. While if you do not like simple backpacks, I would suggest you to choose personalized backpacks. Either simple or personalized backpack will work well to offer you an outstanding look.

If you are not conscious of fashion, then some normal backpack is also a choice. These backpacks may not highlight your outlook or attract many people's attention. It is said that every man has his love. So just follow your heart to choose what you think is best.