Thursday, August 21, 2014

Enjoy My Time

As a working woman, I do like to enjoy my time when I'm not busy. It is really wonderful when you do enjoy your own time and the way you live your life. Sometimes, only a cup of tea will let you feel released and refreshed. I like drinking flower tea. When the dry flowers unfolded in water, they look like bloom again in water. It is beautiful and fantastic.

Chinese Flower Tea 1

Chinese Flower Tea 2

Chinese Flower Tea 3

Chinese Flower Tea 4

Cooking is also my favorite. I like Chinese food very much. Chinese food requires the color, aroma and taste. It combined different vegetables together to make a delicious dish. I often bring my lunch in working days. Here come two of my favorite dishes. How do you think?

Chinese Food 1

Chinese Food 2

Drawing is what I have recently learned. I love the in-piece time. When I'm drawing, I totally forget the time and all the things around. Only me and my drawing left. Oh, my, I do enjoy the drawing time. 

Julia's Drawing 1

Julia's Drawing 2

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wishlist for Autumn: Affordable Blazers from Tidestore

Autumn is here, and I would like to upgrade my wardrobe. Since I have lots of different tank tops, I think I'd better choose some clothes to combine with them. I come across a fabulous online store named Tidestore this morning. I was attracted by gorgeous blazers there. All these blazers are sold at very low price and quite affordable, which means I can use less money but buy more items. I really find some ones are quite beautiful and suitable for me, so I list them here, hoping you guys can help me decide which one or ones to buy. Thank you.

Fake two-piece woolen blazer

Three-quarter sleeve flower print blazer

White three-quarter sleeve blazer

All these blazers are my favorites. They can go well with my other items. What's more, these three blazers are quite different, which means they can offer me three different looks. It's great, right?

I have my only happiness in finding my favorite blazers. If you also want to buy blazers, then you can click the link: I hope you can also find your favorites and also I will be honored if you share with me.