Thursday, August 21, 2014

Enjoy My Time

As a working woman, I do like to enjoy my time when I'm not busy. It is really wonderful when you do enjoy your own time and the way you live your life. Sometimes, only a cup of tea will let you feel released and refreshed. I like drinking flower tea. When the dry flowers unfolded in water, they look like bloom again in water. It is beautiful and fantastic.

Chinese Flower Tea 1

Chinese Flower Tea 2

Chinese Flower Tea 3

Chinese Flower Tea 4

Cooking is also my favorite. I like Chinese food very much. Chinese food requires the color, aroma and taste. It combined different vegetables together to make a delicious dish. I often bring my lunch in working days. Here come two of my favorite dishes. How do you think?

Chinese Food 1

Chinese Food 2

Drawing is what I have recently learned. I love the in-piece time. When I'm drawing, I totally forget the time and all the things around. Only me and my drawing left. Oh, my, I do enjoy the drawing time. 

Julia's Drawing 1

Julia's Drawing 2

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