Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cute Shoes & Shorts | Tidestore Wishlist:Christmas Sweaters

Now summer is over, but only now I am able to spear some time to share with you my favorite pee-toe shoes and cute black shorts. I bought these shoes and shorts this summer. After that I worn them a lot. It turns our their quality and style are good. I love them very much. Below come some of their photos.

Cute Peep-Toe Shoes 1

Cute Peep-Toe Shoes 2

Cute Peep-Toe Shoes 3

Cute Peep-Toe Shoes 4

Cute Black Shorts 1

Cute Black Shorts 2

Cute Black Shorts 3

Cute Black Shorts 4

Tidestore Wishlist | Christmas Sweaters
Now that summer is over, Christmas is nearer. I'm thinking about buying sweaters for Christmas. It must be fun to get early preparation for Christmas. Below are my wishlist for Christmas sweaters, but I haven't decided yet which one to choose. It is always hard for me to make a choice. 

Tidestore Lace Bat Sleeve SweaterTidestore Yellow Round Neck Sweater
1. Yellow Round Neck Sweater 2. Lace Bat Sleeve Sweater

Tidestore Sexy Off-Shoulder Sweater  Tidestore Pink Sweetheart Print Sweater

3. Sexy Off-Shoulder Sweater 4. Pink Sweetheart Print Sweater

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