Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cosmetics Bought on November 11 - MEIFUBAO

If you are familiar with China or its news of E-commerce, you will know the hottest online sales on November 11. It is the most popular big sales in China. On that day, a large number of online suppliers sell their products at half price. This year, I joined this big sale and bought a whole set of cosmetics from a well-known company named MEIFUBAO. I received it after 5 days and I was quite satisfied with the delivery as I know it is the busiest season for shipping department.

When I opened the package, a big surprise is waiting for me. They sent me lots of gifts including hand lotion and facial masks. In the past week,  I used my cosmetics, it was really great. My skin feels more smooth and  tender. I really thank this company. 

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 1

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 2

Cosmetics November 11 - MEIFUBAO 3

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