Monday, June 12, 2017

Look Chic and Neat In Summer 2017

Summer already comes, and I guess that you have already enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fabulous dresses of this season. It is known that there's always no pockets on summer clothes, then some of you may be troubled with how to hold your life necessities, such as cellphone, sunglasses, credit cards, wallets and so on. Even though you are used to carrying large bags in daily time, you may start to think about changing it  into a small one in summer, owing to the fact that large bags to some degree will make you look heavy and lack of vigor. Below are some bag styles that you can consider carrying in summer 2017 to achieve a chic and neat look. 

Clutch bags are one of popular bag styles for summer as they are usually small, thin and light. Some clutches even have wrist strap and shoulder strap and can be used in versatile ways. If you do not have many life necessities to take, clutches will be a best choice for you. They can go well with day dresses, evening dresses and party dresses. 

Messenger Bags
For women who have a little more life necessities to take, I would like to recommend them to consider about messenger bags. Such bags usually have a larger capacity and more complicated interior design than clutches. It can hold some big things such as umbrella, sunglasses box and so on. 

Bucket Bags
When talking about bucket bags, you may think they are large and heavy. However, there are indeed some small bucket bags suitable for summer season. The most frequently seen closure type for bucket bags are drawstring, one fashionable and convenient closure type. These bags usually do not have many metal hardware pieces; therefore, even though they may be larger than clutches and messenger bags,  they are likely lighter than them. 

Every one may have own preference in using bags and there are usually more than one bag in a women's closet. Always combine your bags and clothes well to impress people around you as well as making your life more enjoyable. Welcome to visit my store:

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